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Proceeds will be donated to an
organization helping the residents
of the Lower 9th Ward recover.


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Author Returns to Fulfill Wish Lists of Her Struggling Lower 9th Ward Community

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One of the few books that tells the true story of Hurricane Katrina survivors from the devastated New Orleans Lower 9th Ward!

"These are my people, neighbors and friends. How could I not do what I can to help? So I said, I'll write a book and donate the proceeds to the residents' recovery." Lynette Norris Wilkinson



Learn the real story on Hurricane Katrina survivors from the devastated New Orleans Lower 9th Ward. Many books were written about hurricane Katrina, but few focus specifically on the Lower 9th Ward. Feel the intensity as men, women and children share riveting stories of survival, faith, community history, and hope in this award-winning book with National Geographic film credit. Includes an encounter with legendary Fats Domino. Now you’ll know the truth! Proceeds donated to residents’ recovery.

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  • Sankofa Literary Society Book of the Year
  • Nominated for Christian Literary Award
  • Film credit in National Geographic film "Forecast Disaster: Deadly Storms
  • Finalist in the African American category of Next Generation Indie Book Awards
  • Finalist in African American Literature Book Club Best Book Trailer of the Year


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UNTOLD: The New Orleans 9th Ward You Never Knew

Some of the first images you saw of New Orleans under water during Hurricane Katrina were the mangled houses and cars, and drowned bodies of the people from the Lower 9th Ward. Before Hurricane Katrina, few had even heard of this close-knit, predominately African American community nestled less than five miles from world-famous Bourbon Street.
New Orleans native Lynette Norris Wilkinson gives a glimpse into the lives of 16 Hurricane Katrina survivors from the Lower 9th Ward where she grew up. UNTOLD: The New Orleans 9th Ward You Never Knew.

"UNTOLD: The New Orleans 9th Ward You Never Knew," touches our spirits &souls to reach out to these survivors as well as the City of New Orleans to keep their message alive! A magnificent book by Lynette Norris Wilkinson.
Kevin Johnson with G5 Entertainment & JMR Company Of Warner Bros./Atlantic/Cotillion's Group Slave

"The stories in 'UNTOLD' are so intense and riveting."
Cheryl Smith, Dallas, TX, Talk show host/producer, Executive Editor-at-Large for the Dallas Weekly, Publisher of IMessenger

“This book is for people of all ages, and I recommend it to everyone with a heart pumping in their chest.  It really gives you insight to what really happened from the eyes of 16 different people affected by this tragedy, each one differently.”
Lurina Williams, Dallas Examiner

 “As America grapples with the aftermath of Katrina, Wilkinson unleashes the pain and power of the survivors’ testimonies.”  
Dr. Sheron C. Patterson - Author, Columnist, Media Personality

 “Incredible! Emotional! Inspiring! Challenging!”
Rev. Bryan L. Carter - Senior Pastor, Concord Church, Dallas, TX